You may have heard you should have your heater tuned up every fall, but don’t know why it’s important. There are several reasons you should schedule this service every fall.

Saves You from Expensive Repairs

When a technician doing a heater tune-up spots a small problem, they can fix it before it turns into a costly repair. Preventative care is a lot cheaper than fixing things after they break. You’ll have peace of mind that your heater is prepared for even the coldest days of winter.

Prolongs the Life of Your Heater

If you neglect to have your heater tuned up every fall, it will have a much shorter life than one that’s been well-maintained. Tune-ups can increase the lifespan of your heater by up to 50%. The longer your heater lasts, the more value you get out of it.

Complete Heating and Cooling of Fredericksburg, VA, performs heater maintenance. We’ll clean the heater’s interior, tighten loose electrical connections, lubricate moving parts and more.

Keeps Your Heater Running Efficiently

By getting your heater tuned up every fall, you can increase its efficiency by 25% or more. This keeps your energy bills down. You’ll save money and it helps the environment.

Improved Safety

The technician can make sure your heater is operating safely during a tune-up. They can spot problems like dirty burners, a cracked heat exchanger and blocked vents. These can cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home, which is a serious health hazard.

Proper Airflow

The technician will make sure there’s proper airflow. When there isn’t proper airflow, your heater must work much harder. The technician will make sure the blower works properly and remove dust, dirt, and debris. They’ll replace the filter as needed.

Besides maintenance, Complete Heating and Cooling also repairs and installs heaters and air conditioners. We can also improve your home’s indoor air quality with our services and products. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.

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