Before the temperatures really rise in summer, you’ll want to do what you can to prepare your air conditioner. Many experts recommend spring AC maintenance: a comprehensive tune-up that can ensure a clean, well-running system. There are more than a few tasks that you can tackle on your own, though. Below are the most basic.

Clean the Compressor Unit

The interior components of the AC, both the indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor, must remain clean, or else they can’t effectively absorb heat from your home and dispel it outside. This means lukewarm air. You can easily clean the compressor, though, by hosing down the grill and by gently brushing off the dirt, dust, and fallen leaves from the condenser coil.

Replace the Air Filter

The filter keeps the air handler clean inside and contributes to clean indoor air. Replacing the filter the required number of times each year will go a long way toward keeping your indoor air quality high and the residents of your home healthy.

Remove Hindrances to Airflow

It’s not just a dirty air filter that can hinder airflow and strain your AC’s motor; it can also be blocked registers. Do you have furniture interfering with a wall vent or a rug covering a floor vent? An HVAC expert would urge you to move these elsewhere so that your system runs at peak efficiency.

Clean the Thermostat

Considered the brain of the AC, your thermostat tells the system when to switch on and off based on its readings of the indoor temperature. If these readings are inaccurate, your home won’t be as comfortable as you want, so make sure to clean the inside of the thermostat and change its batteries if it has them. Note that loose electrical wiring can also contribute to inaccurate readings.

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