Mini-splits and central ACs cool in the exact same way; they pull heat from the inside air and transfer it to the outside. The major difference, of course, lies in the fact that mini-splits cool only a single room. Central ACs use ductwork to distribute that air throughout the home.

No Ducts, No Energy Waste

Mini-split air conditioners are basically ductless heat pumps. This absence of ductwork is precisely what makes a mini-split so energy-efficient. According to the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, 20% to 30% of all the air that a central AC produces never reaches the area it’s going to; instead, it gets lost through holes, cracks, or gaps in the ducts. Having the ducts professionally sealed can counteract this, but some energy loss is still inevitable.

Mini-splits, though, bring all their cool air directly into your room. With no loss to compensate for, they don’t have to run for so long. Plus, with the directional airflow feature to move the air in the direction you want, you get comfortable sooner.

Variable-Speed Operation

Mini-splits are more efficient in one other way. They come with variable-speed technology, which lets the air handler slow its speed depending on the temperature. So, rather than have the system shut down once it reaches the set point and then have to start up again, you can keep it running slowly in the background. Nothing drains energy more than the start-up process.

Efficiency will depend, of course, on how well you maintain the mini-split. But if you sign up for a maintenance agreement, like the one we offer the residents of Fredericksburg here at Complete Heating and Cooling, you can ensure a long-lasting system. The AC may go for as long as 30 years.

We Promise 100% Satisfaction

The locally owned and operated Complete Heating and Cooling is here to install, repair, and maintain your ductless air conditioner and other heating and cooling systems. We’ve been around since 2001, and our knowledge of mini-splits and the differences between brands is vast. Our team also provides indoor air quality and commercial refrigeration services. Call today for a free installation quote or to ask any questions.

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