If you’re considering replacing your HVAC unit, one of the first questions you’ll have likely involves how long the process will take. While the exact amount of time it takes to replace an HVAC unit will vary, there are some factors that can affect the process.

Size of the Units

The size of both the existing and replacement units will play a role in how quickly the installation process can be completed. Heavier, larger units will take more time to safely remove and install than lighter units due to the additional manpower and equipment needed. Larger units may also have more components that need to be installed and configured correctly.


The location of the existing unit is another major factor in determining how long it will take to replace an HVAC unit. If the old unit is on an upper level, for example, removal may require additional time due to the need for extra safety equipment. If the unit is in a more accessible space or at ground level, the technician will have an easier time removing and replacing the units.

Experience Level of the Technician

Not all HVAC technicians are the same. The experience of the technician who is performing the installation can have an effect on how quickly they will be able to complete the job. An experienced technician may be able to work faster, and their skill level also increases the likelihood that the job will be completed correctly the first time.

Additional Services

In some cases, it may be necessary to perform additional services to complete the replacement process. If new ductwork needs to be installed or the existing ductwork needs to be modified, this will add time to the installation.

Ultimately, the best way to find out how long it will take to replace an HVAC unit is to contact a local HVAC professional at Complete Heating and Cooling. We’ve been providing quality air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services to homeowners in the Fredericksburg area for over 23 years, and our team of experienced technicians can offer you a reliable estimate on the time it will take to replace your unit. Contact us today to get started!

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