The health of your home’s ductwork has a major impact on several important aspects of your household. When your ducts are damaged or especially dirty, your HVAC systems will have to work harder, your indoor air quality will worsen, and your monthly bills will rise. In general, you should make a point to schedule a ductwork inspection at least once a year, but there are also certain indicators that they need immediate attention.

1. A Dusty Home

Have you noticed that the air and surfaces in your home seem abnormally dusty? If so, it could be due to damaged ductwork. When your air ducts have leaks or other damage, it’s possible for dust and debris to find their way inside of them. Then, when your heating or cooling system circulates air, those particles get picked up and distributed throughout your home. When this happens, it’s bad for your respiratory health as well as the health of your HVAC system, so you shouldn’t hesitate to schedule a ductwork inspection.

2. Loud HVAC Operation

The air ducts in your home are connected to one another with plastic or fiberglass joints. When these joints become damaged, it often results in a loud rattling or whistling noise. If you’ve started noticing these sounds when your heater or air conditioner is running, it’s a red flag that your ductwork needs professional attention.

3. Rising Energy Bills

Your ductwork is what your HVAC system uses as its pathway for circulating hot or cold air. However, if these ducts have damage or leaks, it can lead to large amounts of that air escaping. When this happens, you end up having to crank the heater or air conditioner up more to compensate for the loss, which results in higher monthly energy bills. If your bills are rising and you aren’t sure why, then it could very well be a duct problem.

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