As the summer heats up, your air conditioner is going to start working overtime to keep you and your family comfortable. If you turn on the A/C and only feel warm air coming out, what do you do? AC repair in Fredericksburg recommends trying a few things before you call for a repair.

Things to Try First

Let’s start with some common issues that a homeowner can tackle before calling Complete Heating and Cooling for AC repair in Fredericksburg.
  • Check the air filter – A common reason for air conditioning repair in Fredericksburg is a clogged air filter. The unit needs a continuous flow of clean air to function properly. Check the filter to see if it’s clogged. If it is, either replace it or clean it. While you are doing that, also clean off the external coils.
  • Check the thermostat – It’s not uncommon to get a call for AC repair in Stafford only to find the problem was the thermostat setting being too high. Make sure it’s set to a low enough temperature. While looking at the controls, make sure the thermostat is set to “cool”, not “auto” or “heat”.
  • Check the power – If your air conditioner shares a power outlet, try plugging it into one of its own. If the A/C unit has an internal and external unit, make sure both have power going to them. If not, call for professional AC repair in Fredericksburg.

If none of these things work, it’s time to call Complete Heating and Cooling for AC repair in Fredericksburg.

Common Reasons for Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Fredericksburg

Throughout the summer, our techs go on hundreds of calls to help homeowners with AC repair in Spotsylvania and surrounding areas. We have found a few common reasons for AC breakdowns.

Mechanical issues

If you look inside an AC unit, you will see a fan, belts, and a motor. Any and all of those can wear out over time. When you call for AC repair in Fredericksburg, our technicians will give the unit a thorough inspection to find where the problem lies.

Low coolant

A common reason for AC repair in Spotsylvania for older units is a low level of coolant. Coolant is what makes the AC produce cool air. If it gets too low, the air coming out of the unit won’t be cold. The technician will need to find the leak and repair it before adding more coolant.

Internal dust

You might think a layer of dust wouldn’t be a reason to call for AC repair in Fredericksburg. However, it’s often the culprit when it comes to ACs blowing hot air. The coils inside the unit draw heat out of the air flowing through, making the air colder. Coils covered with dust cannot do their job properly, and it can result in warm air instead of cold.

Electrical wiring

There are a number of wires in your A/C unit. Over time, these wires can come loose or get frayed. If you see loose or frayed wires, call for AC repair in Stafford immediately. It’s best to let the professionals deal with wiring issues to avoid shock or damage to the unit.


At some point, your AC unit is just going to be too old and outdated to fix. When you call for air conditioning repair in Fredericksburg, the tech will assess your unit and let you know if it’s time for a new one.

When you need AC Repair in Fredericksburg, call Complete Heating and Cooling immediately. We offer the professional AC Repair Fredericksburg residents deserve.

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