Happy first day of Summer! We hope you are doing something fun today to celebrate the official start of summer. We also know that summer is when many homeowners decide to do tons of work around the house.

In today’s blog post we just want to share a few tips to keep your HVAC system clean and functional while you perform yard work such as mowing the lawn or leaf blowing.

If the condenser for your cooling system is on the ground, you will want to stay far away from it as possible so no dirt or sticks gets trapped in it.

  • As you cut the grass around the condenser, keep a bag to catch all the clippings. If you don’t, then small bits of grass can deposit on the fins and coils slowing down the cooling process.
  • Instead of mowing the weeds, hand-pull them or spray them with herbicides.
  • Strong leaf blowers will send leaves, sticks, and twigs flying into the condenser’s coils. To avoid this, you can rake the leaves near the condenser or point the blower away from the condenser.
  • Don’t overwater the yard because it can hit the condenser. If the condenser is exposed to water or moisture it will cause it to rust.
  • A good solution to avoid any clippings, sticks, or twigs from getting into the coils as you perform yard work is to cover the condenser with a tarp. If you follow all these tips along with throwing a tarp on top, then you should be good to go.

We understand how easy it can be to forget about your condenser as you do yard work. We hope that these tips can help prevent damage to your condenser and as a result having to spend money on fixing it. But if you need any HVAC help, please give us a call today.

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