Although we are sure that our Fredericksburg area will continue to go through a crazy change of weather, it is official to say that the hot sunny days are here. We have already reached 90 degrees, and we can feel the heat.

During these times we rely heavily on our best friend – the AC. Depending on the system you have or even if you have a programmable thermostat, you can be comfortable at home even during the hottest days. But during the times where it might not be working, or you just choose to give the AC a break to reduce energy costs, how do you keep cool?

Thankfully, we have a few tips that can help you navigate this hot summer!

  • Stay Hydrated – This an obvious tip but it’s an important one because water will keep your body temperature down. We recommend drinking LOTS of water during summer
  • Cotton Sheets – Sleeping in light, cotton sheets will keep you cool at night. Save the polyester and silk sheets for the wintertime.
  • Turn Off The Lights – We understand that you can’t live in the dark but try to minimize the use of light in some rooms. Your light bulbs give off heat, and they will, of course, make your room hotter.
  • Get a New Style – It’s time for the loose-fitting clothing to come out of the closet! Be sure to also wear light colors! Thankfully, spring and summer are all about lighter colors!
  • Spray Some Water – Although you could take a shower five times a day if it’s too hot, you might want to avoid that huge water bill by simply filling up a spray bottle and using it every time you start getting too hot.
  • Fans – Again, you could turn on your fans to make your home cooler. But if you want to avoid energy usage, just carry a portable fan. You could use these anywhere you go.

It is always a task to keep cool in the summer! But hopefully, these tips can help you out! If you need a cooling system or if your system is failing, give Complete Heating and Cooling a call so we can get you ready for this summer!