The snow has already visited the Fredericksburg area a couple of times in the last few weeks. And all we want to do is stay warm underneath layers of blankets, drink hot chocolate and binge-watch our favorite Netflix show. And while the snow looks beautiful all around our homes, we also must remember that the snow, ice, and cold wind can deteriorate our home. That is why you must prepare your home before another snowstorm hits!

1. Look at your trees! Are there any branches that look like they may fall during a storm? Try cutting or removing any branches that might fall on your home and car.

2. Protect your pipes! The cold temperatures allow pipes to freeze and when they burst the damage is extensive. Avoid this by keeping your home warm! You can turn the heat up on your thermostat and reverse your ceiling fans. You can also add insulation to cracks or openings in your home (check doors, windows, and the attic).

3. Beware of ice dams! Similar to icicles, thick ridges of ice can build up around the edges of your roof. When this happens, water can weaken shingles, destroy gutters and cause water to back up into walls. To avoid ice dams; make sure to inspect gutters and downspouts! Make sure to clean them and remove the ice.

4. Inspect the chimney! In the quest of keeping your home warm many chimney owners start a chimney fire during cold temperatures. Before you start using your chimney, have someone inspect it and clean it. Many house fires have started due to combustibles or obstructions in chimneys. You can’t warm up your house without a house, so make sure to inspect it first!

We hope that these tips can protect your home from the snow! And if you want to make sure your heating system is also prepared for the winter weather or the snow has shown you that it’s time for a new HVAC system, give Complete Heating and Cooling a call!

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