You may be concerned about the air quality outside of your door. Environmental pollution seems to be everywhere today. However, there’s a concern right inside of your living room. Indoor air quality is just as important as the surrounding environment. Explore the signs that your indoor air quality is poor. An indoor air quality Fredericksburg expert can be your best resource for a resolution.

Cold-Like Symptoms

One of the first signs of poor air quality is cold-like symptoms. Congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, and other issues might plague the entire family. Miraculously, you feel perfectly fine as you head out to work or school. An indoor air quality Fredericksburg professional would tell you that contaminants within your home are causing the symptoms.

Improve indoor air quality by first airing out the home. Opening up the windows to let in those natural breezes can do a lot for your air quality, for instance.

Incomplete Home Repairs

Complete Heating and Cooling experts have seen it all, including air pollution coming from DIY projects. If your air quality has diminished in the recent past, consider any work being performed around the house.

Indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts might ask you to look for these repairs, such as:
  • Drywall work
  • Sanded wood
  • New flooring or paint

All of these projects create fumes and dust within the home. Think about completing or cleaning up after the repairs so that the air can calm down and filter away the contaminants.

Neighborhood Habits in Question

Your home might be pristine, but the neighbors are creating air pollutants. Take stock of what’s going on in your neighborhood. Complete Heating and Cooling is proud to service the Fredericksburg area. We can survey the neighborhood from your home, and pinpoint any issues. A person cutting wood or painting their exterior walls might be nearby. The wind transports the contaminants into your windows. Closing the windows and using the air conditioner, for the time being, might be the solution.

Lack of Plants

As an indoor air quality Fredericksburg expert walks through your home, he or she might note that there are no plants within the interior. You may filter your conditioned air, but that strategy isn’t enough. Real plants set in pots around the home will naturally filter the air. Many varieties actually pull toxins from the air too. Try a few shade-loving plants to improve indoor air quality. The difference can be seen after only one week.

Hazy Interior

Depending on when the sun pours through your windows, be present to look at the surrounding air. Incoming sunlight will illuminate any particles floating through your air. Everyone has some particulates in the air, which confirms our indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts. However, a truly hazy appearance is cause for concern.

At Complete Heating and Cooling, we can send out our team to verify the number of particulates within the indoor air. They can create a cleanup plan as a result of the findings.

Dirty HVAC Filter

One look at your HVAC filter, and our indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts will tell you if there’s a contaminant problem. A dirty filter doesn’t allow any contaminants to attach to the material. They might float back out into your interior spaces.

Ideally, replace or clean the filter once a month when the HVAC system is in regular use. It keeps the air at a comfortable temperature, and it also removes particulates. Complete Heating and Cooling can help you with a filter swap or cleaning procedure.

Pungent Odors

If you notice an unusual odor kicking up around the house, it’s time to contact Complete Heating and Cooling. We can pinpoint the scent’s location and rectify the situation. In rare cases, another expert might be necessary.

Unusual scents might come from these locations, including:
  • Attics
  • HVAC-system components
  • Near appliances

If you have pets in the home, keep up with their bedding’s cleanliness. Pick up after the pet too because fur and dander will create pungent odors that seem to hang around. Your air quality suffers as a result.

Microbe Growth

Take a close look around your home. Inspect any areas that have growths on them, such as wood. Mold and mildew growths indicate that there’s an indoor air problem. Our indoor air quality Fredericksburg technicians might find spores moving through the home. The humidity must be controlled with dehumidifiers and conditioned air. Although there are always some spores within the air, they cannot replicate without a large population and ample moisture. Remove their habitat in order to clean up the home.

Improve indoor air quality today with a call to Complete Heating and Cooling. Our team can help you pinpoint issues and solve them in a flash. Indoor air quality Fredericksburg technicians are on your side for a cleaner home as you breathe deeply each day.

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