If you celebrate holidays during December, they are a very exciting time! Hanging lights, exchanging gifts, eating great foods, seeing family and friends, the list goes on! But, this time of year can also put a lot of pressure on your system’s energy output. In order to keep your energy output down and your environmental impact low, we’ve put together a list of things you can do!

  • Switch to LED Lights or Fiber Optic Decorations – Donate your old lights and make the switch to LED or Fiber Optic! LED lights use 90% less electricity than incandescent lights and Fiber Optic uses a single bulb to light the entire decoration. They may cost a bit more at the store, but that difference is made up in your energy bill.
  • Switch to Solar Lights – Outdoor lights can be a huge strain on your energy output because they require a lot to decorate. Instead of plugging these lights in, why not make the switch to lights that take their energy from the sun? They have become more accessible in recent years, so you can find them at your usual department store.
  • Decorate with Candles – Candles are a traditional favorite and can make any room look beautiful! Lighting candles not only provides for some amazing lighting, but they use no energy. If you do choose to decorate with candles, always remember fire safety. Never leave them unattended.
  • Limit Light Time – We know you like to get into the holiday spirit, but that doesn’t mean that the lights need to be on 24/7. You can look for a timing system that will turn on the lights at dusk and back off at dawn. Your goal should be six hours or less of daily use. This will save you big in the electricity department!
  • Switch Off Normal Lights – If you celebrate Christmas and decorate a tree, then it may light up your entire room! You can easily shut off the regular lights and get all of your light source from the tree, instead.
  • Turn Down the Thermostat – If you host guests for holiday parties, they will generate more body heat and make it warmer in the home. You can then get away with turning the thermostat down a few degrees.
  • Unplug When Going out of Town – If you’re planning on taking a vacation or family trip this holiday season, make sure that you unplug phantom energy users before you go. Things like TVs, toasters, computers, printers, etc. can use energy while you’re not there.

We hope this list is a great way to get you started on holiday energy efficiency! As always, if you’re having any troubles in the heating and air department in the Fredericksburg area, you need to give Complete Heating and Cooling a call. Our professionals will ensure that your system is working efficiently and effectively.

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