We are in the swing of hurricane season in Virginia! Experts are predicting a normal to average hurricane season this year, which means that homeowners need to be prepared in every way possible. There are always basic tips that you should follow, like making sure your windows are secure, bringing in any outdoor furniture, and purchasing a generator. But, many people don’t realize that one of the ways in which you can prepare is to make sure that your air conditioning unit is properly protected.

Here are a few tips to keep your unit protected from storm damage:
  • Turn your AC unit off – Before a big storm, you should turn your AC unit off. Doing this will reduce the risk of blowing circuits and burning out the compressor.
  • Remove window units – Window units can be easily ripped out of the windows during a storm. This will cause damage to the AC unit and your home.
  • Cover outside units – Using a tarp or plywood, cover your outdoor unit to try and protect it from flying objects.
  • Install a surge protector – Installing a surge protector will ensure that the electrical components of your AC are protected.

As always, if you are having issues with your unit, give Complete Heating and Cooling a call today!

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