Sometimes it can get uncomfortable in your home. Living in the Fredericksburg area, we can have dry winters and humid summers. In the Winter you may have dry hands, cracked lips, and dry nostrils. And in the Summer, it may seem like your home has too much moisture in the air, creating wet spots throughout the house and increasing the risk of mold or mildew growth. However, the only true way to tell where your humidity lies is to measure it with a hygrometer or to have a professional measure it. Your home’s ideal humidity level is somewhere between 30% and 50%.

If you are having issues where your humidity level is less than 30%, you should definitely consider investing in a humidifier. Humidifiers work to increase the moisture content in the surrounding air and help to moisten dry skin and nasal passages. Here at Complete Heating and Cooling, we specialize in indoor air quality and can install full home humidifying systems through your heat pump or furnace. Give us a call today if you would like a free quote!

If your home is experiencing humidity levels over 50%, then it’s time for you to consider purchasing a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers work to decrease the moisture content in the air and are very important because they can prevent mold and mildew issues in the home. They can also help to lower your air conditioning output and bills, as your system needs to work harder if there is a greater amount of humidity in the air. As indoor air quality specialists, we can also install central dehumidifiers in your home.

When humidity levels become an issue in your home, then you need to take care of them immediately. Complete Heating and Cooling can ensure that your home has an appropriate humidity balance so that you don’t have to.