The summer heat is coming heavy and is guaranteed to take a toll on your personal level of comfort if your A/C system is not working well. Even if the A/C system is working well, you may still need Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Fredericksburg, to carry out some maintenance or replace an aging system. As the price of energy continues to climb, it is going to become unbearably expensive for homeowners with systems that lack high Energy Star ratings to pay the bills.

Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Fredericksburg, has seen families with older A/C systems hit with bills that exceed $500 a month. Because consumers have reduced their energy consumption by switching to LED lightbulbs and Energy Star rated appliances, the energy companies have to raise rates to compensate. This is why Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Fredericksburg, is constantly busy each season when homeowners realize that their A/C systems still function but cost a fortune to run.

How Do Homeowners Prepare A/C Systems for Summer?

Aside from replacing aging systems that are inefficient, Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Fredericksburg, also offers a variety of maintenance and repair services. Let’s take a look below at some of the services that may be needed to get your A/C system up and running in prime shape for the season.

#1: Change Air Filters

A/C filters don’t just protect the system from blocking up with the particulate matter. The A/C filters also play a critical role in filtering the air and ensuring a premium level of air quality. If you don’t change your filters, your A/C system will operate inefficiently. The filter, ductwork, and even the sides of your walls, near the vents, may start to grow mold. Because the air intake is such a critical aspect of an air conditioning system, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends changing the air filters every 4 to 8 weeks. You can always schedule Complete Heating and Cooling, Air Conditioning Repair Fredericksburg, to change your filters on schedule because they keep a wide variety in stock.

#2: Inspect and Clean Ductwork

The ductwork of your A/C system pipes in the cold air throughout your home. When this ductwork is leaking, the cold air does not efficiently reach your rooms. As a result, the A/C system has to work double-time to achieve the same level of cooling function. It does this by recirculating and processing the air, over and over again, until it cools down. Why double your energy bills when you can have Complete Heating and Cooling, Air Conditioning Repair Fredericksburg, clean the ductwork, and seal any holes, separations, and poorly connected joints? Cleaning and repairing the ductwork will also inhibit mold growth and those musty odors that some systems make when they run.

#3: Inspect and Clean Coils and Fins

When your A/C system is out of service for a long period of time, it has a tendency to accumulate a lot of muck. Although a cover can reduce the volume of debris that sticks to the coils and fins of your outdoor A/C unit, the weather has a habit of working itself up in there anyway. When you call Complete Heating and Cooling, Air Conditioning Repair Fredericksburg, to check out your system, they will often recommend cleaning the coils and fins out to help the system cool and run like new again.

#4: Inspect and Clean Condensation Drain Lines

One easy way to get mold growing in your home is to let the condensation drain lines clog up. All A/C systems need to drain moisture because they don’t just cool the air, they also condition it. When the air is conditioned, it is dehumidified. The humidity is condensed into liquid water that will back up and flood your home if is clogged badly enough. Mold is hard to get rid of once it starts. If you hire Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Fredericksburg, to check and clean your whole system, they can ensure that your lines are free of debris.

#5: Install a Digital Thermostat

One of the chief controls that you have over your A/C system is when it will run. If you like the idea of coming home to a nice cool room that is ready for you to cook a full course dinner in, then you will like a digital A/C thermostat. These programmable units are affordable and easy for Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Fredericksburg, to install in your home while they are completing other maintenance. You can set the units to run at variable temperatures throughout the day and night to ensure that everything is at the ideal temperatures only when you are home. This saves you a lot of energy because your home will cool off on its own as the sun fades. Let Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Fredericksburg, show you a broad selection of models with remote and pre-programmable features.

#6: Ensure that Your A/C Unit is Level

Most outdoor A/C units are stationed on an independent poured concrete slab that can shift over time. If your A/C unit base shifts, then the unit will have to struggle with a lopsided loaded much like your washing machine. This will create internal vibrations that can lead to damage and reduce the efficient function of the system. Calling Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Stafford ensures that your A/C unit’s level will be checked when they come for other maintenance and repairs.

What Other Problems May Homeowners Encounter?

In addition to the above items, the A/C system also has seals that can leak and internal parts that can go bad. Because they are connected to household current, there is also a lot of wiring to consider. As wires get old, they can develop high internal resistance that causes them to heat up. This is why a clothes iron gets so hot or an electric tea kettle. Calling Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Spotsylvania, to handle all aspects of A/C system maintenance and repair, ensure that you are comfortable all season long.

Why Should I Call Complete Heating and Cooling?

When you schedule service with Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Stafford, you eliminate the risks of damage to yourself and your property. Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Spotsylvania, is fully insured and provides industry-leading “Service-Right℠” and Installed-Right℠® warranties. They also guarantee customer satisfaction and strive to retain lifetime customers by providing affordable high-quality services and products.

Complete Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Fredericksburg, is established solid to guarantee accountability. They have been in business since 2001 with a steady client base that continues to demand state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled HVAC technicians that they have invested in. Don’t let your old or poorly maintained A/C system eat up your energy. Call Complete Heating and Cooling. They have helped countless Fredericksburg area homeowners just like you by keeping on top of the latest trends in HVAC and providing personalized care.

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