It seems like the entire neighborhood wakes up as summer approaches. Birds are chirping, kids are almost out of school and temperatures are rising. Although you may love the warm weather, it can get a bit hot at times. Your home should be a reprieve from the heat. It’s not necessary to run your air conditioning every minute of the day, however. Discover the top tips for energy savings this summer.

Install Room-Darkening Drapes

Any expert of AC repair in Fredericksburg would suggest thick curtains on your south-facing windows. Sunlight permeating the home’s interior will heat it up in record time. Draw the drapes and keep the sunlight out.

You gain these benefits from room-darkening drapes, such as:
  • Interior temperatures several degrees lower than the exterior
  • Less money spent on air conditioning
  • Comfort on even the hottest days

Most room-darkening drapes come in a variety of colors at reasonable prices. You might spend more on the air conditioning than the drapes over time.

Shade the Outdoor AC Unit

Homeowners might think about regular HVAC repair in Fredericksburg, but there are tasks that anyone can do to improve their system’s efficacy and save money. If the outdoor AC unit is in the blazing sun, think of creative ways to shade it. Try a strategically placed umbrella, awning, or potted plant, for instance.

Keeping the AC unit cool allows it to work with less strain. It draws less energy as a result of your efforts. The system’s lifespan might improve as well.

Enjoy Ceiling or Desktop Fans

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests fans as a clever way to cool a home during the summer. Turn on the ceiling, floor, or desktop fans in rooms that are being currently occupied. The moving air creates a wind chill. You may not need your air conditioning on, depending on the exterior temperature.

If you do need the system on, try a temperature about four degrees higher than normal. You’ll still feel cool, and HVAC repair in Fredericksburg won’t be needed as often as before.

Clean the Air System’s Filter

Your AC repair in Fredericksburg appointment will always involve a filter inspection. The AC unit controls the particles entering the system by moving the air through a filter. It becomes dirty over time, however.

You’ll need to either replace or rinse the filter on a regular basis. Disposable filters are common, but you can upgrade to reusable types. You save money in the future by only rinsing the filter rather than replacing it.

Trap the Night’s Cool Air

Virginia nights can be incredibly cool. Open up your windows at night to let these breezes in. As the day warms up, close those windows. Cover the windows with your curtains. By trapping the cool air in the home, you reduce the need to run the AC at its peak levels. A well-insulated home can hold this cool air for most of the day. The household’s fans can cool the family down if necessary.

Add a Smart Thermostat to Your AC System

During an AC repair in Fredericksburg, the professionals might suggest temperature zoning or replacing a control panel. Adding a smart thermostat to the system is an inexpensive way to save money over the life of the components.

The smart thermostat can be activated with a smartphone or tablet. Many models learn about your favorite settings too. Automatic temperatures become the norm, which drives your energy bill downward.

Install the panel yourself or contact HVAC repair in Fredericksburg. The installation is quick and easy.

Cook Outdoors

Your HVAC repair in Fredericksburg experts would agree that running your AC unit during the summer with a hot oven on is just wasting energy. Try to cook outdoors as much as possible. The generated heat will simply float away in the breeze.

The AC unit will have to work extra hard to combat the heat created in the kitchen. It runs for a longer time period with more strain on its components as the kitchen remains active. Use the microwave to warm up food items, and cook outside on the hottest days.

Schedule an AC-Unit Inspection

HVAC repair in Fredericksburg is an affordable and friendly experience. Ideally, schedule an inspection in late spring or early summer. Our professionals can look over those core items, including:
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator coil
  • Compressor
  • Coolant levels

A basic tuneup involves running the system and checking for any malfunctions. We clean, adjust and repair any items that aren’t within specification.

If any major problems arise, you’ll receive an estimate before we proceed with the work. Fixing problems as they develop will always save you money.

Caulk Air Leaks Into the Home

Every HVAC repair in Fredericksburg usually involves a careful check of the home’s energy efficiency. We would suggest an air-leak audit of the home.

Walk around the property. Look at the walls, door frames, windows, and other transition points. Use a caulking gun to fill any cracks or openings. You can save incredible amounts of money when you effectively seal the home. It won’t lose any cool air or let hot air out.

Plant Strategic Bushes and Trees

The Huffington Post suggests planting certain plants around the home to keep it cool. Think about adding these plants in front of south-facing windows and walls, including:
  • Trellised vines
  • Small trees
  • Tall bushes

Plants will naturally absorb sunlight and shade the home. Adding them to the landscape will lower the temperatures in the home and improve its exterior decor. Professionals of HVAC repair in Fredericksburg would advise homeowners to look for plants that have a fast growth rate. The dense foliage will quickly become a cooling mechanism for the property.

Contact Complete Heating and Cooling right now for HVAC repair in Fredericksburg, Stafford, or Spotsylvania. We’re pleased to serve these communities so that your Virginia summer is a relaxed and comfortable one. Keeping you cool is our goal every day.