We all know how important it is to keep a clean home. You clean rooms in your home, objects in it, and even the exterior. HVAC cleaning is no different. The way to keep your indoor air clean is by regularly changing your air filter.

But what about the air ducts? The job of your air ducts is to circulate the air throughout your home. So of course you want to ensure that the air entering your lungs is clean.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), air duct cleaning is very important in certain situations. While activities like smoking or cleaning can cause greater exposure to contaminants and can be a higher risk to your health, your air duct is still one of the many ways pollutants can enter your home.

When it comes to your home, regularly changing the air filter should help with fighting contaminants. But if you or any of your family members are sensitive to air pollution, we suggest cleaning your air ducts regularly and looking into our indoor air quality products.

So, when is cleaning your air ducts necessary? The EPA suggests cleaning your air ducts when:
  • There is large mold growth inside a hard surface.
  • The ducts are infested with insects or small animals such as rats.
  • The ducts are clogged with dust or debris.

Clean air ducts will provide you with better indoor air quality. Think of all the pet hair, smoke, and chemicals in your home. Regularly cleaning your air ducts will help with getting rid of these contaminants. In addition, contaminants cause your HVAC to work harder which results in higher energy bills and a shorter life for your system.

Although a dusty air duct will not kill you, it will restrict your clean indoor air. If you are searching for a duct cleaning professional in the Fredericksburg area, Complete Heating and Cooling is the right choice! You can contact us through our website or give us a call today.

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