There are some very Critical Points related to your indoor air quality that can significantly improve the quality of air in your home, reducing and killing airborne illness-causing bacteria. We have created the Critical Points List below for our customers during this time of social distancing. Please share this with your friends, family, and loved ones as you see fit:
  • Humidity can be uncomfortable for people during the warm months, but for people who have asthma and allergies, high humidity can be dangerous. The airborne triggers asthma and allergies love nothing more than a humid room. Dust mites and mold, in particular, thrive in humidity over 55%. Be sure your humidifier is working correctly, 40% – 45% relative humidity is best for reducing airborne particles
  • If you have a UV light home purifier in your home, have it replaced annually. Most UV bulbs are only good for 1 year (some up to 2 years, so check your manufacturer’s recommendations). As the bulbs age past their recommended life, so does their ability to kill bacteria throughout your home. The bulbs’ ability will diminish to the point of non-effectiveness.
  • Change your filters regularly. Changing filters doesn’t come to mind, especially if it’s out of sight, but they collect dust, dirt, and allergens. Fiberglass filters are less strenuous on your HVAC system, but MERV filters are very beneficial during these times. When changing filters, have a plastic bag ready and drop the filter in slowly so as not to make any of the dust airborne.
  • A good Needle Point Cold Plasma Bi-Polar Ionizer in your HVAC system is an excellent device for killing many types of bacteria. What’s more, tests are now being conducted with the Coronavirus and should be available soon.

Keep these Critical Points in mind as you continue to the social distance in your homes. It’s essential to keep air quality as good as possible to help eliminate potential health threats for yourself and your loved ones.

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