Say goodbye to winter because today is the last day. Although it might not seem like it, Spring officially begins tomorrow. And while we won’t get to enjoy the nice weather JUST yet, we can start working on the spring home maintenance list. We encourage you to begin with your HVAC system.

In a few weeks, the temperature will hopefully rise, and your system will switch from heating to cooling your home. So what can you do before you switch to cooling?
  • Visually inspect your outdoor unit for any damage.
  • Clean all the debris surrounding your outdoor unit (this includes leaves and grass growing on the side of your unit).
  • If you had weather covers on your outdoor unit, remove them.
  • Replace your air filter.
  • Clean the air vents and registers, so they aren’t dusty.
  • Adjust or reprogram your programmable thermostat.
  • If you have one, inspect and clean your dehumidifier.
  • Call us today and schedule your spring tune-up!
You can also do a couple of other non-HVAC-related things to help you transition from heat to air conditioning.
  • Reverse your fan’s direction. During warmer weather, your fan should switch to a counterclockwise direction.
  • To help cool your home, keep shades and curtains drawn.
  • Have your windows re-caulked and sealed.

Do not neglect your HVAC this spring. Getting prepared for spring will save you money and help you avoid those pesky allergens. If you are in Fredericksburg and are considering replacing your old HVAC system, repairing your current one, or in need of a tune-up, give Complete Heating and Cooling a call today.

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