During this winter we want our Fredericksburg community to avoid issues with their heating and cooling system before it’s too late. Sometimes trying to save money or just simply ignoring some things can cost us big time. There are several things people ignore or don’t realize when it comes to their HVAC system, so we have compiled a list of 5 common HVAC mistakes.

  • Ignoring noise or smells from your system: NEVER ignore loud noises or stale smells from your HVAC system. A loud racket could mean that your system is not working properly or that something is stuck in there which can damage your system. Smells are the same, if you smell something rotten, do not ignore it. Sometimes small animals get trapped and die in there.
  • Hiding your HVAC system: It is common to see homeowners try to cover or hide their outdoor HVAC system. Many times objects are placed in front of it to cover it, and this can cause issues. Surrounding your HVAC system with other items can block ventilation which causes clogging. Although your HVAC system may not look attractive, you should leave ample open space around it.
  • Positioning: Similarly to hiding your HVAC system, you should not place appliances near your thermostat. Hot items like lamps and TVs can mess with your thermostat by tricking it into thinking it’s hot inside, which means cold homes in the winter and high energy bills in the summer!
  • Avoiding Annual Maintenance: Just like visiting the doctor for check-ups is important so is doing regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system. A technician can let you know if your system has any issues before they become an expensive and irreparable problem. Annual maintenance will improve the efficiency of your system! You can always do a few maintenance tasks before it’s time for your annual maintenance: clean around any units (indoor or outdoor), inspect electrical connections, inspect leaks in the condenser, etc.
  • Doing it yourself: While you can save some money by installing your own programmable thermostat, you can also cause major damage. It is always better to call us since we are qualified and we have the experience to ensure that your system is working at maximum efficiency. And when people are too afraid to do it themselves and want to save money they always try looking for the “cheap” option. Do not go to someone you cannot trust or is not qualified because what seems cheap can ultimately turn out expensive!

Make sure that you avoid these mistakes so you can extend the life of your HVAC system! And if you are ready to install a new system or are ready to schedule a tune-up, call Complete Heating and Cooling!

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