Your home air conditioning system makes your summers comfortable. It relieves you of that irritability that comes with heat and humidity. But when your A/C overheats, you may not know where to find competent A/C Repair in the Fredericksburg area.

Experienced air conditioning repair is only a phone call away at Complete Heating and Cooling. We know how to repair and maintain modern systems and how to patch up aging systems and find those obsolete parts. We can help you avoid the three things that can cause your A/C to overheat described below.

#1: Dirty Air Filter

Your air filter plays a critical role in removing allergens and contaminants from the outside air. The filter cleans the air before it enters your external A/C unit to ensure the highest levels of air quality and purity. It also protects the A/C unit itself from building up internal crud that can reduce its efficiency.

At Complete Heating and Cooling, we regularly change the air filters for clients. Most systems require filter changes every month. When you keep up proper maintenance of your unit by changing the filter, you reduce the chances of the A/C overheating and tripping a breaker switch.

The A/C unit has to work a lot harder to draw in fresh air when the filter is clogged. A clogged filter, in turn, can burn out the intake fan blower motor and cause other damage when the compressor motor is not able to cool down. Even if the circuit breaker helps to protect it, bringing your A/C system to the brink of a meltdown takes a toll on its lifespan.

#2: Dirty Condenser Coils

The refrigerant in your A/C system passes through air-cooled condenser coils to transfer heat away from the A/C refrigerant. Efficiency reduces significantly when these coils get dirty. The coils become mummified in a layer of insulating dirt and crud that interferes with the cooling process. Because your system cannot adequately cool down the gas and condense it into a liquid, it has to work much harder to cool your home. This can quickly cause your A/C to overheat.

The magic happens in an A/C system when the condensed liquid refrigerant is blown through a nozzle and expands. The same observable temperature drop occurs when you spray an aerosol can and atomize the liquid into a gaseous state. And when this happens, it absorbs heat better and cools down the evaporator coils in your home. The air blows past the evaporator coils and transfers them to your home.

Complete Heating and Cooling can clean your condenser coils and carry out any other maintenance you may require at the same time. We can check evaporator coils to ensure that the humidity condensing on the outside of the coils drains correctly. If not, they can rust out and leak the refrigerant and produce musty mildew odors.

For air conditioning repair that you can trust, call Complete Heating and CoolingComplete Heating and Cooling. We look at the big picture rather than taking shortcuts and quickly patching up your unit to fail again weeks later. Our comprehensive air conditioning repair is designed to meet your customer satisfaction and budget.

#3: Refrigerant Leaks

You need to call Compete Heating & Cooling whenever you suspect a refrigerant leak. Signs of a refrigerant leak are warm air coming out of the vents when the unit is on or an inability to cool the home during hot days. You may also notice ice building up on the outside of the A/C unit.

Low refrigerant is a big problem because the refrigerant contains lubricants that are necessary for the proper operation of the compressor. Recharging your refrigerant isn’t a normal part of maintaining a fully functioning system. The refrigerant does not get used up or need changing like the motor oil in your car. There is no loss of volatility.

When you hire Complete Heating and Cooling to replace your refrigerant, we will not rest until we fix the leak. Some other companies may offer you recharge without fixing the leak to have you calling them back a few weeks or months later for another charge.

Although the refrigerant can lose its effectiveness to cool, over time, as it breaks down and goes through far too many temperature changes, this is rarely the case. Most times, the refrigerant will leak out before it goes stale. When you need air conditioning repair that you can trust, call Complete Heating and Cooling.

Severe refrigerant leaks will cause your A/C unit to shut down. The system won’t even operate once the refrigerant reaches a low level. This is not something that you can recharge yourself. The job requires highly specialized equipment and training.

When you call Complete Heating and Cooling, we do a pressurized leak-down test with UV dye to detect the leaks. Because the refrigerant is an invisible gas, you can’t spot where it is seeping out from with the naked eye. You may be able to find some evidence of white crusty residue to help pinpoint leaks. But most leaks are in internal parts that require disassembly of the A/C unit to locate.

Whenever you need A/C Repair, Complete Heating and Cooling should be at the top of your list. We are committed to lifelong customer retention and strive to surpass your expectations.

Call us today for a free consultation if you need AC Repair in Spotsylvania or anywhere near Fredericksburg. We are fully insured and licensed and can replace or repair any HVAC system.

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