Tips to Improve your Indoor Air Quality this Spring

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The wintertime typically involves closed doors and windows. The air inside of your home is stagnant and dry from furnaces too. Vowing to improve indoor air quality is probably at the top of your list come springtime. Take a few tips from the indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts at Complete Heating & Cooling. We can make your home smell and feel better with just a few changes.

Clean the Indoor Ducts

A simple task that can greatly improve indoor air quality is cleaning the ducts. These conduits are hidden within your walls. They connect the HVAC system to each room for either heating or cooling. Allow indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts to clean out the ducts and verify their structures.

The professionals pay careful attention to the ducts’ shape and connections. They’ll remove all of the dust and debris that becomes stuck in the lengths. When you turn on the system, no dust will be added to the air.

Add Indoor Plants

Look for indoor plants that offer deep-green foliage but minimal pollen. Some species might include:

  • Peace lilies
  • Bamboo palm
  • Gerbera daisies

These plants take in carbon dioxide and exude oxygen. They also remove specific toxins from the air. Choose these species because of their need for minimal light too. They can thrive in a home without taking up the window sill.

The indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts suggest one or two plants per room. They don’t have to be large either. The plants simply need enough surface area on the leaves in order to make a difference in your air quality.

bamboo palm

Swap out the Filter

The indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts at Complete Heating & Cooling will always recommend a filter swap. Your HVAC system uses a large, flat filter in order to capture particles that are pulled into the components during operations. Debris covers and clogs the filter over time, however. Swapping it out is one of the easiest tasks to do on your own.

As an alternative, try reusable filters. These products can be rinsed and reused after drying. You’ll save money with these types of filters in your system.

Remember to Clean the Kitchen Exhaust

Improve your air quality this spring by cleaning out the kitchen exhaust. When you cook, the fan and filters control the grease and fumes emanating from your food. These filters become clogged too. If they’re neglected, the grease will enter your air and degrade its quality.

Depending on how often you cook, clean the filters every month or two. Check the fan at the same time. A well-maintained exhaust system helps your HVAC components thrive.

Consider Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are separate from your HVAC system. They’re often standalone units. Purifiers complement a properly operating HVAC system by removing even more particulates from the air, states the Environmental Protection Agency. Keep these units clean too because they aren’t very effective otherwise.

Try one or two purifiers in the home, depending on its size. Our indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts at Complete Heating & Cooling can help you with location and purifier type if desired.

air purifier in bedroom

Remove Those Shoes

Air quality is also impacted by your actions within the home. The shoes on your feet can harbor many germs, microbes and other particulates. With every step in the door, the entire interior can be impacted. Ask everyone to take their shoes off before entering the home. Create a small, shoe cabinet where everyone enters the property. This strategy alone can reduce a lot of dust in the home. Indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts suggest socks or bare feet for the entire household when you truly want clean air.

Try a HEPA Filter

Consider a switch to a HEPA filter, states Harvard University. These specialized filters block and trap particulates that are incredibly small. Our team at Complete Heating & Cooling agrees with the HEPA-filter use because other products let too many particles through and into your breathable air.

Combine the HEPA filter with regular duct cleaning, and you have indoor air that’s practically free from contaminants. Indoor air quality Fredericksburg experts can help you with a HEPA-filter purchase.

Be Aware of Radon Emissions

Complete Heating & Cooling recommends radon testing for any property. Radon is a substance that’s odorless but toxic to the human body. You won’t know that it’s there until it’s impacted your body.

There are local agencies that can test for the radon. If you receive a clean bill of health, you can move ahead with other air-quality changes. The agency will give you directions if there is radon. Every situation warrants a unique response.

Keep up With Household Maintenance

Leaks give rise to mold and mildew, which permeate the air with spores and other microbes. Indoor air quality Fredericksburg professionals will always look for these hidden growths. Mold and mildew that’s hidden within a cabinet can still impact the air over time.

Contact Complete Heating & Cooling today at 540-370-4178. Our team can help you with air-quality questions and system concerns. When you want to improve indoor air quality, it takes some science and customer service to complete the job at hand.