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Is your A/C blowing out hot air? Does it make strange sounds or not turn on at all? Don’t panic! Our HVAC technicians at Complete Heating & Cooling can diagnose and repair anything that can go wrong with an air conditioner. Whether it’s a minor issue or more complex, we’re the right team for the job.

Our team works hard for homeowners and businesses. We take pride in our reputation for being quick, reliable, and courteous. After all, the majority of A/C breakdowns take place during extreme heat. We don’t want to keep you waiting in an uncomfortably hot home. We work fast to restore coolness and comfort to your home!

The Benefits of Working with Complete Heating & Cooling

  • Flexible, convenient appointment scheduling
  • Accurate repair service for all makes and models
  • Comprehensive inspection, diagnosis, and repair
  • HVAC repair performed by our NATE-certified technicians
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction

We have a lot to offer when it comes to air conditioning repair. Ready to work with our talented technicians? Give us a call or reach out online to set up your free, no-obligation estimate!

Reliable A/C Repair

A broken air conditioner can turn into an emergency as the temperature inside your home climbs. Malfunctioning air conditioners are especially brutal during heatwaves.  Unfortunately, this is when air conditioners are most likely to experience problems.

We understand your needs as a homeowner.  That is why we’re committed to fast, reliable service. Whether it’s a dirty air filter, a burned-out fuse, or a blown motor, we’ll have your A/C up and running as soon as possible.

Our skilled HVAC repair team is available to handle any issues with your air conditioning system. We’ll send an A/C technician out to inspect the unit, diagnose the problem, and make a quick, effective repair.

Red flags

We have years of experience diagnosing and repairing air conditioners of all makes and models. In fact, we have probably encountered almost every type of A/C problem under the sun (and repaired them, too!). A/C problems come in all shapes and sizes. While a total breakdown is the most dramatic and obvious issue, there are often signs that the need for air conditioning repair is looming.

Take a look at these signs that you need HVAC repair services.

  • Your energy bills undergo a dramatic spike or are unusually high
  • The unit is making unusual sounds like groans, bangs, or squeaks
  • A/C is running non-stop
  • A/C struggles to turn on or will not turn on at all
  • Excessive condensation is collecting on unit or water is leaking from the unit
  • A/C can’t reach the temperature-programmed on the thermostat
  • Air vents are producing air that is hot, warm, or room temperature
  • Unpleasant odor coming from the A/C
  • Weak airflow coming from the unit

Don’t wait until these small issues escalate into major ones before calling us for service! A/C issues are often cheaper and easier to fix before they worsen and spread. Instead, pay close attention to your air conditioner and call us to schedule repairs as soon as you notice anything unusual.

unit needing air conditioning repair to fix leaks

Does anything on this list sound familiar? If so, give us a call or reach out online to schedule your appointment for reliable repair, as well as any other HVAC services you need.

Expert Air Conditioning Repair from a Top-Notch Company

You need an HVAC company with an outstanding reputation for top-rated services and repairs. As one of the area’s most trusted HVAC contractors, you can rest assured that Complete Heating & Cooling will solve your problems once and for all. When you work with us, you get the very best in A/C repair solutions.

We work with almost all makes and models of A/C and can cover the full scope of any repairs or maintenance your unit needs. We offer:

Trained Technicians: Complete Heating & Cooling technicians are the best of the best. Not only are they highly experienced with A/C repair; they’re also highly trained and knowledgeable about all makes and models.

Emergency Repair Service: Our emergency A/C repair crews are available around the clock. That’s 24/7, 365 days a year. When an HVAC crisis hits, Complete Heating & Cooling is standing by to provide a quick response. We’ll have your A/C up and running in no time.

Prompt Repair Options: In addition to our 24/7 emergency repair services, we also offer quick, same-day appointments. We understand that A/C problems need to be addressed quickly to restore comfort to your home, so we’re committed to fast solutions.

Transparent pricing: Once we have a chance to inspect your A/C, we’ll diagnose the issue and give you a quote for what repairs will cost. Our pricing is honest and transparent. That means no hidden fees, no bait-and-switch, no hassles, and no surprises. The price we quote is what you pay!

technician doing air conditioning repair

Your Go-To Repair Company

When your air conditioner breaks down, leaks, or starts making alarming sounds, your first call should be to Complete Heating & Cooling. For many years, we’ve provided quick, reliable air conditioning services to homeowners and businesses.

When your A/C malfunctions, our repair technicians are only a phone call away. We’re proud of our reputation to deliver quick repairs, flexible appointments, and friendly customer service. Whether you need to take advantage of our 24/7 emergency services or schedule a same-day appointment, rest assured that you’ll receive prompt, courteous service.

This summer, keep the heat outside where it belongs  Give Complete Heating & Cooling a call today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate for A/C repairs!