New Year, New Heating System!

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Despite working hard to make homes habitable, heating systems in Spotsylvania tend to be on the back burner when it comes to home improvement. It should not be so. As you head into a new year, take a second look at your heating system and see how it can serve you best in 2019, either with repair work or a new unit. Here are the key pointers that let you know your heating system requires repairs or replacement.

1. Age

If you have had your system for years, it’s time for a new one. Signs of aging include rust, higher utility bills, visible wear and tear as well as constant repairs. Systems older than fifteen years generally should be replaced not repaired.

Replacement of a cracked heat exchanger, compressor or repair of motor failure could cost you quite a significant amount. At times it makes more financial sense to replace the entire system than spend hundreds of dollars in repairs and labor costs every so often. A provider of heating repair in Fredericksburg can give you a clear assessment of repair vs. getting a new heating system installation.

2. Increased Energy Costs

When you notice an increase in your energy bill and you have not installed new appliances or increased your usage, your heating system could be the cause. An aging or defective unit can have cylinders, valves, pistons or bearings that are worn out. While you can pinpoint some of this damage yourself, some of it, more so the internal bits of the unit can only be identified by an expert in heat repair in Fredericksburg.

Aging reduces your unit’s efficiency and in turn, leads to larger bills. In this case, a new and more efficient model is worth looking into. In the long run, running an inefficient system will get more and more costly.

Some of the reasons your system could be causing a spike in your energy bill include:

  • The filter has accumulated dust and dander, which then lowers the amount of air getting into the unit. To compensate for this, the pump has to work harder to get in air.
  • A leakage in the refrigerant making it hard to warm the air. An expert in heat repair Fredericksburg can sort this out for you.
  • Poor efficiency resulting from inadequate heat pump maintenance and repair. This underscores the importance of having your heating systems installation company come in for regular service and maintenance. Most companies that offer heat repair in Fredericksburg can handle the maintenance. Ensure to have this done regularly.
  • If your unit has a malfunction in the outdoor unit, it can cause the unit to be unable to melt ice adequately. Again, consider calling in heat repair in Fredericksburg to assess the extent of the malfunction and advice on the best course of action.
technician repairing AC

3. Constant Repairs

If you find yourself constantly calling for heat repair in Fredericksburg, then your heating system requires drastic changes. The down times are inconveniencing for you and your family, and the constant repair adds up to a significant amount of money over time. During peak periods in Spotsylvania, you can also have lengthier down times because the demand for heating repair in Fredericksburg is higher.

Buying a new unit with a ten-year lifespan can cost you the same as paying the regular repair fees. If this is the case, Complete Heating and Cooling in Spotsylvania can give you various options for a new, more efficient upgrade and oversee the entire heating system installation.

4. Odd Smell

Another sure way to know that your heating system requires some repair work is if it’s emitting an odd smell. Sometimes, your heating system will have some order if you put it on after long periods of dormancy. This is normal and should go away quickly. However, if it persists, there is cause for concern.

The prolonged smell could be a sign of a breakdown in the mechanical parts or a fault in the electric wiring. Moreso if it smells like burning rubber or plastic. Accumulated debris in the air filter could also be the cause of this, and this would require changing the filter. Your go-to provider for heat repair in Fredericksburg can be able to clean your filter or let you know if it’s time to replace it.

In any case, this is not something you should ignore as it could cause the furnace to break down, requiring more extensive repair work. At worst, it could start a fire in your home causing serious damage and possibly injuring you or a member of your household.

Whenever your unit emits an odd smell that does not go away within a few hours of usage the best course of action is to seek out for services of heat repair in Fredericksburg.

5. Unusual Noises

Your heating system is made up of several parts working together, and as such, some level of noise is expected from the unit. However, if you notice any off-sounding noises or if it gets too loud, it’s time to call Complete Heating and Cooling for heat repair in Fredericksburg.

Odd noises from your system can indicate loose bits or worn out parts. Getting your repair company as early as you detect this can prevent a total system shut down, which is costlier and you might suffer some downtime especially if the system breaks down during peak periods.

thermostat temperature at 78 degrees

6. Overheating or Insufficient Heating

A system that’s functioning optimally ensures even heating throughout the house. For this reason, if you have some cold areas of your house or some extremely hot areas, there is a problem. Any fluctuations in temperatures across the house points at a problem. These are some of the common issues requiring heat repair in Fredericksburg.
If your unit is overheating or not heating all parts of your home evenly, this could mean one of three things:

  • You have an incorrectly sized unit. This usually results from an error in taking measurements of the house before the heating system installation is done.
  • Your unit is aged.
  • Your unit is faulty, in which case heating repair in Fredericksburg professionals can assess and advice on.

If you have a unit that cannot heat your entire house as required because it’s too small or too large, this has to be changed. You can have a heating system installation company come in and do an assessment and advice you on the best way to proceed.

With these points, you will be able to evaluate your heating system and take the necessary steps to ensure your heating system works seamlessly.

For a professional assessment of your heating unit and recommendations on the best course of action, reach out to Complete Heating and Cooling, and we will ensure that you focus on what you need to in 2019, while we focus on keeping your heating system efficient and functional.