Is Your Heat Pump In Need of Repair? 4 Signs It Needs Repair!

complete heating and cooling heat pump in front of orange house

Heat pumps are quite popular in Virginia. This is because they have considerably low air conditioning costs. Unlike the furnaces that generate heat to warm our homes, heat pumps move the heat around thereby consuming less power than the furnaces. They also have a quiet operation. However, just like the furnaces and other AC systems, heat pump repair is required from time to time.

It is important to be on the lookout for signs of problems with your heat pump. Get professional heat repair as quickly as you notice a problem to prevent an eventual breakdown of the unit especially when you need it the most. Here are four signs that you require heat pump repair as soon as possible.

heat pump in house

Short cycling

Short cycling is an event where the heat pump turns itself off and then on again every few minutes. The unit does not heat the house effectively since it keeps cutting the flow of heat every few minutes. A malfunction of either the thermostat or the compressor system can cause the condition.

There is a reason to be worried about short cycling. If heat pump repair is not done as soon as possible, there is a high chance that your unit will keep breaking down from time to time. This leads to increased maintenance costs and inconveniences due to repeated breakdowns.

The increased wear and tear is also a major problem if it is not rectified early. With time, the gears and other systems become weak and inefficient which greatly shortens the lifespan of your system. In addition, short cycling cuts the output of the unit considerably. You will notice that the unit no longer provides enough heat to warm your home. Consider professional heating repair as soon as you notice the short cycling problem.

The unit becomes noisy

The heat pump is not usually noisy. You may hear a little hum when it is at the peak of its performance. However, if you hear out of the ordinary noises such as screeching, rattling, grinding, loud humming, and squealing, there is a problem with the unit.

There are several reasons why the unit could be making out-of-the-ordinary noises. The squeaking sound usually comes from a dirty fan or lack of oiling at the moving parts. Dirt causes an imbalance in the fan movement while lack oiling causes friction between the core of the fan and the supporting metal parts. Friction eventually wears out the metal parts.

The rattling noise is an indication that something is loose. It could be anything from a loose belt or other gears that may be out of place. A loud hum could be as a result of a malfunctioning in the compressor or the evaporator unit. Hissing sounds come from loose ductwork or leaking refrigerant. Do not attempt to open the heat pump to check the source of the noise. The best you can do is shut down the unit and call a professional technician for heat pump repair.

A sudden increase in utility bills

It is normal for the utility bill to go high during periods when you are using the heat pump the most. These months include the summer season and the winter period. Even then, the monthly usage should not vary from greatly between the months of the same season.

Here are some main causes of high utility bills because of your heat pump inefficiency:

  • A dirty filter. A dirty filter restricts the amount of air getting into the unit making your heat pump to work harder to get enough air in.
  • A leakage in the return duct. The unit pulls in the air that is not conditioned thereby lowering or increasing the temperature beyond the set temperature. Your unit works harder to maintain the temperature.
  • A leakage of the refrigerant making it hard for the unit to cool or warm the air. The metering device could also be showing inaccurate refrigerant levels.
  • Poor efficiency due to inadequate heat pump repair and maintenance, and accumulation of dust in the system.
  • The outdoor unit gets iced-up during the cold weather. The heat pump has a defrost mode that melts away the ice during the cold weather. A malfunction of the outdoor unit may cause the system not to melt the ice. This can lead to permanent damage to the unit.
  • Poor insulation in your home that causes air to leak to the outside. This is usually the last thing to check after the technicians are satisfied that the problem is not with the heat pump.

Problems with indoor air quality or weak airflow

Weak airflow mainly results from a clogged air filter or little refrigerant in the system. The outdoor unit could also suffer from the low output, which is evidenced by pumping little air into the vents. We recommend that you have your filter checked every thirty days and have it replaced if it looks dirty. Regular heat pump repair and maintenance also helps reduce dust accumulation in the unit.

Poor indoor air quality results from the accumulation of dirt and dust in the outdoor unit or the vent system. Sometimes the air may have a musty smell. This is an indication that there might be mold growing in the inside. Poor indoor air quality can cause respiratory problems and allergy attacks on your family members. We recommend an annual checkup of the vent system and cleaning if there is a substantial amount of dust accumulation.

Contact us for heating repair as soon as you notice any of the above problems. Delays in getting quality heat pump repair will only make the problem worse or cause irreversible damage. Moreover, your heat pump may just break down in the middle of a hot summer or a very cold winter and make your home too hot or too cold to stay there.

We have a professional heating repair team that is available around the clock. We guarantee quality heat pump repair and maintenance. We offer our services in Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania and surrounding areas. We have a reputation for quality service, affordability, and prompt heat repair service.