Your Indoor Air Quality is Important this Spring

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We hope you enjoyed the couple of days of warm weather that Fredericksburg received this weekend. While we know that more are to come, we still have to spend a little bit of more time indoors due to the rain and the temperature dropping again. Nevertheless, Spring is here! And with Spring comes the dreaded allergies.

allergens inside the home

Although your indoor air quality is important year-round, spring adds an extra headache with its allergens. How bad can indoor air quality be? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your home could be two to 10 times worse than the air outside.

How is that possible? Well, there are many things happening inside your home which results in pollution. Those include but are not limited to such things as gas, kerosene, tobacco products, house cleaning products, personal care products, pesticides, and so much more.

And then you have to add biological contaminants that go up during the spring. These contaminants are things like viruses, bacteria, mold, and pollen. While our bodies can breathe all these contaminants in and filter them out, it never catches all of them. So you have many of these toxins that are not filtered and move to your lungs and bloodstream.

contaminants in lungs

What can you do to improve your indoor air quality?

Once you have decided that you don’t want to be breathing in all these contaminants, give Complete Heating & Cooling a call at (540) 370-4178. We will help you choose the right solution for your home.

Some of our indoor air quality solutions include:

  • Home Air Purifiers
  • Heat Pump or Furnace Humidifiers
  • Home Ventilation Systems
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Central Dehumidifiers
  • Zone Control Systems

Let our team help you improve your home’s comfort and protect the health of your family.

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