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Complete Heating & Cooling has been taking care of Fredericksburg homes for over 14 years. Our 24/7 service combined with flat-rate pricing makes us competitive with other companies offering repair in Fredericksburg. With UpFront Pricing, you know what to expect before we arrive. No surprises, and no “extras.”

To know Fredericksburg is to love it. Fredericksburg offers the best of both urban and rural living with history nearly everywhere. It’s a friendly, diverse suburb of Virginia that is quiet, safe, but offers plenty of great amenities. Whether you were born and raised here, or take the commute into Washington, DC, you’ve come to appreciate what Fredericksburg has to offer.

When you return home, either from work or somewhere else, the last thing you want to think about is your heating and air conditioning. If it’s cold out, you want to come home and be warm. Conversely, when it’s hot out, the first thing you want is to feel the cooling of your air conditioner. If that’s not the way it’s working, it’s time to call for HVAC Repair

Our skilled service technicians are ready to help you care for:

  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pump
  • Indoor air quality
  • HVAC maintenance

We can also install a Temperature Zoning System to help increase efficiency and lower your utility bills by adding independent controls in separate areas of your home. This allows you to “turn off” heating or cooling to a room (such as a guest room) that isn’t being used and doesn’t need regular airflow. You can turn the system on or off in the room as needed.

Is It Time For A New HVAC Unit?

If your system is past the point of repair, or you’re frequently spending money on repairs, it’s probably time to replace your existing heating and cooling system with a newer, more energy efficient unit.

Chances are, if your system is more than 15 years old (10 years for a heat pump), it’s probably past its useful life. Continual repair just puts money into an old system that you could be using to pay for a new one. An aging system may be costing you more in repairs as well as utility costs to run it, especially if it runs more frequently than it should. If you’ve added space to your home since you bought it, it’s very likely the system can’t keep up.

Updating your heating/cooling can help improve:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Your home’s energy efficiency and use
  • Monthly energy costs
  • A system that “doesn’t work like it used to”

We offer quality systems from both Amana and Lennox, as well as Upfront Pricing, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and how much. You’ll know what the replacement costs are before we start, and there are no surprises.

Your Local Choice for Local HVAC Repair

Since 2001, Complete Heating & Cooling has taken care of repair in the Fredericksburg area, and we’re ready to help you with yours.

If your HVAC unit isn’t working, contact us. We’ll send a certified factory-trained air conditioning or heating technician out to check your unit. Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll work to repair it and get your unit working again quickly so you can enjoy being at home.

Schedule your appointment through our site any time, day or night. If you have an emergency with your heating or your air conditioning, please call us at (540) 370-4178. Your emergency is our top priority. As a local veteran-owned business, we’re fully licensed and insured, and can repair or replace any HVAC system. Site Map

High-Efficiency Heat Pump

Complete Heating & Cooling installed a new high-efficiency heat-pump system for the Dickerson’s at S Point Lane in Fredericksburg Va.

Commercial Ice Machine

Complete Heating & Cooling replaced commercial ice machines within the Taco Bell restaurant in Fredericksburg VA near Mary Washington Hospital.

Colonial Village at Greenbrier

Complete Heating & Cooling installed new HVAC systems in Colonial Village at Greenbrier, complete with ductwork and accessories, in 4 apartments that were renovated after being destroyed in a fire.

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Complete Heating & Cooling

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  • Avatar Scott Sweeney ★★★★★ a month ago
    Great service and friendly technicians.
  • Avatar Monica Alston ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Great customer service. Talking to Debbie is like talking to a long time friend; very friendly and personable. Flexible scheduling and availability. Convenient payment plan for maintenance plans. Douglas was awesome yesterday- extremely … More knowledgeable and helpful. I've been using this company for 3yrs and would recommend to anyone!
  • Avatar Darci Fernholz ★★★★★ a year ago
    This summer was too hot; not to have air conditioning! And, we waited too long to replace a 30 year old air conditioner that stopped working when temps were in the 3 digits.
    We had three estimates; Ed with Complete Heating and Cooling
    … More was the only one that was written, professional and informative.
    We knew it would be a week to get our new unit ordered and installed. Concerned with special needs dogs in the house, they offered us the use of window units.
    Replacing things in an older house can sometimes be challenging and in our case life threatening if you don’t have the right team that can recognize it or care enough to correct it.
    This team is working for you, they will go the extra mile for you and doing an exceptional job.
    Thank you, Thank you, to the whole team from the ladies in the office to the respectful professional technicians at Complete Heating and Cooling.

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Owner Ed Humbert Answers Your HVAC Questions

When referring to the heating & cooling system of my home, what are zones?

Many homes employ multiple heating & cooling zones, a zone is considered a section of the home that has a dedicated thermostat and/or heating &cooling appliance. Each thermostat will control either a device like a duct damper, or it may control a complete HVAC system.

Why is there more than one HVAC system in my home?

Since the 1990’s contractors have discovered that it’s more efficient to install multiple smaller HVAC system rather than one system with extensive ductwork. This eliminated the huge temperature differences between floors and wings.

I hear a loud noise coming from the outdoor unit in the wintertime, is this normal?

It is not unusual to hear a loud hissing sound similar to an air brake coming from the outdoor unit periodically, this is just the sound of the reversing valve switching direction to allow for hot gas to enter the coil, this is what removes the ice from the outside coil. If you hear any other dissimilar noises, you should shut the system down immediately and call for service.

My home has an extreme temperature difference between floors especially in the summertime, what can I do to alleviate this?

This is a far too common issue in many homes built prior to the early 1990’s and unfortunately in many cases is due to improperly designed ductwork. Since most of the ductwork is encased within the walls & floors it is not feasible to redesign it unless you’re completely renovating the home.

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We love Fredericksburg!

Fredericksburg has grown in the last 20 years and has become a destination for tourists, history buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts. Our beautiful city is a perfect place to be year-round.

Did You Know?

“Located near where the Rappahannock River crosses the Atlantic Seaboard fall line, Fredericksburg was a prominent port in Virginia during the colonial era.”

-Source: Wikipedia

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