Did Your Heating System Break Down? We Provide Heating Repair in Fredericksburg, Virginia

complete heating and cooling man with a wrench ready to repair heating

Winter is the worst time to have a broken heating system, and you definitely need your heating system to survive this winter. Fredericksburg has already seen some bitterly cold weather, and it does not seem like it will warm up anytime soon. If your heating system happens to break down, call us immediately!

Complete Heating & Cooling is ready to repair your heat pump or furnace system. We will look into the problem and try to fix it as quickly as possible so we can restore comfort to your home. If your system is past repair, we will help you in choosing a new heating system.

man repairing heat pump

When choosing a new heating system, we use our Installed­-Right Home Survey to help quickly identify your requirements for a variety of things. We can identify things like:

  • Home use such as special heating conditions due to an exercise room, parties,
  • Home office, or if there exists unnecessary heating of closed­-off rooms or during unoccupied periods.
  • Comfort requirements such as system noise levels, stale air problems, specific
  • Rooms that are too hot or too cold, or air that is too dry (e.g., static electricity, dry skin or throat) or too humid (muggy).
  • Health/safety requirements such as child safety concerns around your system
  • Respiratory conditions, humidity control, or indoor air quality.
  • Property requirements such as if you are adding on to your home or planning home renovations.
  • Financial requirements such as the importance of saving money on operating cost and energy consumption, your wish to explore financing options, or working with a contractor that can protect a homeowner from liability and risk.

We want to ensure that your new heating system is perfect for your home. But remember, if your heating breaks down, do not wait to call us. Avoid issues like frozen or even worst, burst pipes. We are also currently running a lot of winter specials, take a look at our Specials page and call us at (540) 370-4178 to take advantage of our specials.

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