Get Ready for Summer and Schedule An AC Tune-Up!

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After a long, harsh, bitterly cold winter, there’s little question that your arms are open, readily welcoming in the fresh flowers and warmer temperatures that spring and summer bring. You’re ready to get outside, see the sunshine, and enjoy the comforts that come during the warm seasons of the year. And while you’re certainly ready for a change, the real question is if your A/C system is ready? The air conditioning unit is an important fixture in the home. It’s important that your A/C unit is ready to take on the summer heat and keep everyone in the home cool. Don’t assume that all is well simply because the unit worked fine last summer. A lot can change over the course of a few months, and your system may very well succumb quickly to the heat of the summer. The best way to keep your air conditioning system running its best is with a tune-up! Call our team of technicians to schedule air conditioning repair in Fredericksburg and leave your worries behind.

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What is an A/C Tune-up?

An A/C tune-up is just like a tune-up for your car. It’s a preventative maintenance service designed to prevent problems before they wreak havoc in your home and leave everyone uncomfortable and your wallet susceptible to damage, thanks to extreme A/C repair Fredericksburg costs. A tune-up minimizes the need for an AC repair Fredericksburg as well. The A/C tune-up improves efficiency, reduced the need for A/C repair Fredericksburg, and prolongs the lifetime of the unit. Tune-up costs are considerably less than the costs of A/C repair and there is considerably less hassle when problems are corrected before trouble starts.

  • Decrease Energy Consumption: Reduced energy consumption helps minimize system wear and tear, maximizing the lifetime the unit cools your home. And, of course, when less energy is used, this means more money left over when the energy bill is paid.
  • Reduced Cooling Costs: Cooling accounts for about 60% of the energy used in a home. Wouldn’t you like to reduce that number in every way possible? A tune-up reduces the energy used to cool the home, in turn causing a significant decrease in your monthly cooling/energy costs.
  • Prolong Unit Lifetime: The average A/C unit lasts about 8 = 10 years. Of course, there’s a lot of factors that play into the length of time the system provides the home with crisp, cool, comfortable air, particularly the care provided to the unit. The best way to keep the unit operating efficiently, longer is by scheduling regular maintenance check-ups.
  • Peace of Mind: After one of our technicians comes out to your home to provide an AC repair in Fredericksburg or a tune-up, you’ll enjoy peace of mind all summer long. Air conditioning repair in Fredericksburg is far more expensive than a tune-up. Why not enjoy the peace of mind, comfort, and the savings when you can?

Why Schedule Spring AC Repair?

If you need an Air conditioning repair in Fredericksburg or an AC Repair in Spotsylvania, spring is the best time of the year to arrange the service. Some people assume that their A/C is perfectly fine, ready to provide them with another year of coolness since all was well the last time the unit was used. Sadly, this may not be the case. Your A/C can sustain problems as it sits during the winter that causes the need for an AC repair in Fredericksburg. These problems may interfere with the unit’s overall operation when it’s turned back on the first day of warm weather or soon thereafter.

When you schedule a spring AC repair in Spotsylvania or Fredericksburg, there’s little doubt that your summer will be relaxing, fun, and comfortable, just the way that it should be. You certainly do not want to endure a broken down A/C unit when the temperatures outside are at their hottest. We’ll do everything that we can to prevent system breakdown and the need for AC repair in Fredericksburg during a tune-up. We want you to be cool all summer long. Schedule an air conditioner repair in Fredericksburg and that’s one less worry on your mind.

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What’s Included in an AC Repair in Fredericksburg?

Whether you live in Stafford or Fredericksburg or need an AC repair in Spotsylvania, rest assured our talented technicians will take care of your needs. Our AC repair in Fredericksburg team is always ready to cater to the needs of our customers. We feel the heat just like anyone else. Our goal is to make sure that you aren’t sweltering in the heat.

During a tune-up, the technician will examine all of the core components of the unit, looking for signs of damage and wear and tear. He’ll replace broken seals and gaskets and any parts that are worn out and in need of a replacement. The AC repair in Fredericksburg technician will also:
– Check the thermostat settings
– Ensure that the voltage is at the levels it should be
– Lubricate the moving parts to reduce friction and wasted energy
– Inspect the condensate drain
– Clean the evaporator and condenser coils
– Ensure proper system cycling
– Inspect the furnace/heat pump
– Check gas/oil connections, gas pressure, heat exchanger, and burner combustion

Summer is just around the corner. Don’t let the dog days of summer sneak up on you before you’re ready. Call us today to schedule a tune-up or an AC repair in Fredericksburg and ensure that this summer is cool and comfortable, just the way that it should be.