The Most Common AC Repair Issues

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An AC that doesn’t work correctly is a huge problem, especially during the hot summer month. Such an air conditioner can cripple your home, and you may even think of spending your night elsewhere if your home is extremely hot. Therefore, it is vital to maintain your air conditioning system, and AC repair Fredericksburg professionals can adequately do this. This article will outline common AC repair problems that can be handled effectively by air conditioning repair Fredericksburg experts like Complete Heating & Cooling.

Air doesn’t come out of the registers

If air isn’t coming out of the records, your outside unit’s fan might not be running. This is a simple problem that your AC repair Stafford expert can handle in no time. When you have such a problem, it means that your breaker has tripped and should be reset, or you need to replace your blower belt. Other causes of this problem include the control board, wiring, or thermostat issues. The condensate pump reservoir might be full too.

Air conditioner is not cooling

Another common problem that may need the expertise of AC Repair Fredericksburg professionals is an air conditioner that’s running but isn’t cooling. This problem has multiple potential causes like a dirty air filter, a blocked condensate drain or low refrigerant levels. You may also check for a dirty outdoor compressor or ice around the coils. Your system may also require an additional coolant. Another cause is that it may be too hot outside to keep your home cool as desired. Many ACs only manage to cool about 20 degrees lower than the outside temperatures.

Air conditioner can’t turn on at all

If your air conditioner doesn’t come on it could mean that there is an issue with your thermostat. You may try to change your thermostat settings to cool and bump down temperature setting and then check the electrical panel for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Be sure to check for problems in power supply or check the thermostat or furnace power switch for any issues. You can’t do this by yourself so consider getting an air conditioning repair Fredericksburg expert.

You are low on refrigerant

An air conditioner that doesn’t cool properly could be low on refrigerant. In most cases, this means that you might have a leak or it is undercharged. An Ac repair Spotsylvania technician can check for any leaks before they can add more refrigerant. Leakage problems tend to be persistent and are harmful to the environment so, adding more refrigerant before checking the leakage will not solve the problem for good.

The unit is leaking

An AC is designed to create condensation which gets adequately drained. However, the pipes can leak or get blocked sometimes, or the condensation pump can stop functioning as expected. As a result, you need an AC repair Fredericksburg technician to clear the condensation drain pipe, check the condensate pump’s electrical connection, clean your pump system using a bleach solution and check the drain pipe for any leaks.

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Air conditioner doesn’t turn off

Even if it’s extremely hot outdoors, the air conditioner may need to be turned off occasionally. If the air conditioner runs continuously without stopping it could mean that you have an issue with the fan. Consider turning off your thermostat fan to see if your AC can turn off. Also, consider checking the relay switches and refrigerant levels for any problems.

Air conditioner blows hot air

It can be frustrating to have an AC that’s blowing hot air. In most cases, this issue is caused by a dirty air filter that’s causing flow problems. Check if the outside unit is running as expected and confirm if there is debris or leaves obstructing the flow of air.

Air conditioner keeps making strange noises

Though air conditioners may make noise, sometimes they make a sound you do not recognize, and this could mean that you have a problem with the unit. Often strange noises are a mystery. However, noisy air conditioners may have belt problems especially if the unit keeps making a squealing sound. AC repair Stafford experts can help check if your belt is improperly aligned or needs to be replaced. If you hear a grinding noise, this could mean you have an issue with the bearing of your unit’s motor. Moreover, popping or pinging sounds may indicate that’s your duct work has a loose metal flap, while rattling noises could mean that your cover panels need to be tightened.

The compressor doesn’t run

If your compressor isn’t running, it could mean your start capacitor is defective, a burned wire, or the compressor is faulty. Consider hiring an AC repair Fredericksburg specialist to clean your unit’s condenser coil, check the capacitor, adjust the refrigerant charge and replace the compressor if it doesn’t reset.

The condenser isn’t working

Begin by confirming if your condenser is getting power. Check if the unit is correctly plugged in and that there isn’t a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. If your condenser doesn’t run as expected, your unit will have problems with getting cooling control signals from the thermostat. You can also get an Ac Repair Spotsylvania repair specialist to check your unit’s oil level and safety switches. The refrigerant pressure should also be monitored because if your refrigerant is leaking, the unit’s low-pressure safety could be switched.

The fan doesn’t work

In case your outdoor system fan doesn’t turn, the AC will not cool your home as expected. Consider pressing the reset or overload button to reset the fan. If the unit is turned on, your AC repair Fredericksburg expert can try to spin the plates of the fan clockwise. If the plates rotate freely, it could mean you have a problem with the capacitor, and you need to replace it as soon as possible.


Coil is frozen

If your unit’s coil gets frozen, it means the AC is working overtime, and your house is still hot. An AC Repair Fredericksburg technician can help you check for obstruction in the return air ductwork or air flow issues caused by dirty air filters. The specialist can also help you monitor the refrigerant levels that could be malfunctioning.

The unit emits an unusual smell

Electrical odor can occur due to overheating parts like seized bearings or a blower motor. Loose electrical connections can also cause this. Restricted air flow leads to electrical overheating, meaning your air filters need to be replaced. The debris can also cause a burning smell in your unit or ductwork. You’ll need the assistance of an AC repair Fredericksburg professional to handle this problem and to avoid causing greater damages.

Some rooms are warmer compared to others

Your system air is probably unbalanced if your unit is making some rooms chilly while the others are still hot. An Air conditioning repair Fredericksburg specialist can help you use dampers to help balance your unit to cool your house uniformly.

By understanding common air conditioning issues, it will be easier for you to take proactive measures in time to ensure your AC is in an optimal working condition always. You should always contact AC Repair Fredericksburg professionals like Complete Heating & Cooling when you experience problems with your air conditioning unit. Call us at (540) 370-4178 for more information; our skilled service technicians are here to ensure you get all the assistance you need.