Bad HVAC Habits That Can Lead To Repair

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Our HVAC systems keep us comfortable and happy during the summer and winter seasons. Fredericksburg experiences all seasons, therefore when it is summer, it is HOT. And when winter arrives, snow and low temperatures are sure to come. Because we tend to use our HVAC systems almost all the time, homeowners might do some things that might damage or affect how long the HVAC system lasts.

Here are some bad HVAC habits that you need to put a stop to:

  1. Closing the registers and vents: The problem with doing this is that it messes with the space that is being heated or cooled. It acts as if the system is improperly sized and therefore causes issues like longer run times or a shorter life for your system.
  2. Placing furniture in front of vents: Placing furniture in front of the vents acts as if the vents are closed therefore it can cause the issues mentioned above.
  3. Planting close to system: Aside from blocking the airflow, there is a possibility that the plants can grow into the condenser causing a whole lot of issues.
plants hvac
  1. Constant changes to the thermostat: This causes a lot of on and off cycles where the system has to start up again. The constant changes will cause more tear on your system than if you were to leave it at a constant temperature.
thermostat change
  1. Not changing air/furnace filter: You should be doing this at least once a month, if you aren’t you are lowering the quality of your indoor air and blocking the airflow which will cause your system to work harder.
  2. Failing to schedule preventive maintenance: Forgetting to do this or leaving it for later will prevent your system from getting repaired. Having your system regularly inspected will help in preventing small issues from becoming major problems.

Are you doing these things? Break those habits to allow your system to run efficiently. If you are in the Fredericksburg area and are in need of HVAC or heat repair, call Complete Heating & Cooling at 540-370-4178.

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