AC Repair in Fredericksburg, VA

Your home doesn’t feel quite like home if it’s uncomfortable. Your HVAC system plays a critical role in regulating the internal humidity and temperatures for optimal comfort. The heat in Virginia can be overbearing in the summer and make people irritable. The balmy humidity and high temperatures can even be nauseating. When my A/C system malfunctions, I search for HVAC repair near me and rely on the quality online reviews of Complete Heating & Cooling to ensure my satisfaction.

Should You Replace or Repair Your HVAC System?

Eventually, you will come to a crossroads of whether you need a new system installed to replace your current HVAC in Spotsylvania VA or repairs to carry you along. Although you would think that the answer is cut and dry when parts are no longer available for your unit, parts are just part of the problem.

One of the main issues is energy consumption. When you need AC Repair in Fredericksburg VA, you should always consider upgrading your HVAC system entirely. The high-efficiency A/C systems on the market today cool the air just as well as those produced in the ’70s but with half as much energy. If you are spending hundreds of dollars a month on cooling, cutting your bills in half will fully pay for the new system over the life of ownership.

When you call Complete Heating & Cooling for AC Repair in Fredericksburg VA, we carry out a full audit of your current equipment and calculate how much money you can save by upgrading. For many reasons, it may not be a good time to upgrade. In some cases, it makes sense to put off a full-scale replacement of your HVAC system if it’s simply not in your budget.

Complete Heating & Cooling AC Repair in Fredericksburg VA will work with you to find the most economical and practical solution when you A/C system goes on the fritz. In some cases, when an A/C compressor fails, it doesn’t mean that the unit is bad. A/C compressors can rust internally and seize up if they were sitting in winter storage for a while. We can remove the cover and see what is going on with your unit to try repairs before we throw in the towel and replace it.

Customers appreciate this aspect of our services the most when we carry out AC Repair in Fredericksburg VA. Stretching your dollars is even more critical if your unit is fairly modern, or you’re just not home enough to use it a lot. Most of the heat hits us during the middle of the day between 1 and 3 pm when the sun is the hottest. At nighttime and in the morning, it is much easier to deal with the heat.

Cooking is another problem if your A/C unit is malfunctioning. Most people need some additional cool air to combat the discomfort when slaving over a hot stove at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In order to avoid a salad, cold cuts, and cold cereal diet, you have to have your A/C unit up and running when you cook.

If you just run your A/C at high noon, if you’re even home, or when you need to cook a hot meal, this will keep the energy bills down with even an older unit. However, you may want to consider the huge advantages of zone temperature control.

Imagine being able to cool or heat up only a specific room to a certain temperature. Instead of cooling the whole house, why not cool just the kitchen or other rooms that you are in during the day?

What Kinds of A/C Repairs May Be Required?

There are numerous services for AC Repair in Fredericksburg VA. A lot of times, the refrigerant leaks out of a unit at the seals as they dry rot and deteriorate over time. The refrigerant itself can breakdown and no longer cool as well as it once did. In addition, the fan motors can burn out and work much harder than they should if the filters are clogged.

The ductwork can get moldy, come loose at the seams, buckle, or build up dust and dirt. Cleaning and checking your ductwork for leaks is an important part of A/C maintenance because moisture can accumulate and grow mildew or mold if there are any problems. Dripping water can also rot out wood and ruin drywall materials.

AC Repair in Fredericksburg VA isn’t always a complex and lengthy process. The first thing we always check when an A/C unit is not powering up is whether the fuse in the breaker box is tripped. This is one of the easiest A/C system repairs that you can do yourself.

Other issues concerning AC Repair in Fredericksburg VA are related to drainage. When the A/C system is passing refrigerant through the evaporator coils, the coils condense the moisture in the air. This condensation needs to drain, or it will rust out the coils. We have seen cases where drain ports are plugged up and destroy the A/C system.

If you fail to have your system checked out annually by a professional, you also run the risk of burning out the compressor. The compressor is designed to shut off when the pressure is too high or too low.

However, these pressure switches can malfunction over time. If the refrigerant drops too low, it puts stress on the compressor, generates heat, and can cause it to malfunction. When it does break, it will send shrapnel into other parts of the system and may need to be flushed before new parts can be installed.

When you need AC Repair in Fredericksburg VA, let Complete Heating & Cooling come to the rescue. We have decades of experience and are fully licensed and insured. We guarantee customer satisfaction and work hard to solve your problems in your budget. Whether you need a new belt, new switches, or a new fan motor, we will limit the work to the specific parts until you’re ready for the big upgrades as they roll out.

Newer A/C systems have additional repairs that can be more complex. The computer-controlled thermostats are reliable but may require reprogramming or resetting. The zone temperature-control may require some adjustments to the servos or dampers.

When you say “I need HVAC repair near me”, Complete Heating & Cooling is always available, even in an emergency situation. We back all of our work with a warranty and source out the highest quality of replacement parts and new units available. We are dedicated to the trade and never waste your time or give you the runaround when you need prompt service. This makes obtaining HVAC repair near me as simple as picking up the phone.

If you need repairmen who have experience with modern systems of HVAC in Spotsylvania VA, Complete Heating & Cooling is the premium choice. Our professional technicians are educated on the new systems and certified to work on them.

When you say “I need HVAC repair near me” and someone who specializes in HVAC in Spotsylvania VA, Complete Heating & Cooling always delivers the perfect results. We work with your budget and provide affordable HVAC repair near me when you need help with your HVAC in Spotsylvania VA. Call Complete Heating & Cooling today to see what we can do for you.