AC Noises You Should Not Ignore

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Your air conditioning might run off and on for most of the year. Our team at Complete Heating & Cooling with AC repair Fredericksburg understands the intricacies that go along with cool air. What if your AC unit starts to make unusual sounds? Do you know what they mean? Be prepared any time of year with some valuable information about your air conditioner from Complete Heating & Cooling. Here are the AC noises that you shouldn’t ignore. AC repair Spotsylvania should be on the job when these noises arise.


A screeching noise can mean several things to your AC repair Stafford professionals. Focus on when you hear the noise. A screeching sound that occurs upon startup is often from the compressor. This exterior part may need to be replaced.

Continuous screeching will be difficult to ignore. This sound typically emanates from the fan that spins at a high rate within your outdoor unit. Consider these repair possibilities, such as:

  • Worn ball bearings
  • Missing lubricant
  • Broken motor

Complete Heating & Cooling professionals will look at the system and solve your AC repair Fredericksburg issues.

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If you hear a humming noise, turn off the system as soon as possible. From our air conditioning repair Fredericksburg experience, a motor or fan may be stuck in place. The humming is the motor trying to operate, but no movement results from the efforts.

Be sure to contact Complete Heating & Cooling professionals before activating the system again. Allowing the humming noise to continue might damage other parts. The motor can burn out, which leads to more expensive repairs.


Our AC repair Fredericksburg staff has heard buzzing sounds before, and they always point to an electrical problem. Don’t tackle this issue on your own. Complete Heating & Cooling needs to verify the electrical system and its connection to your home. These voltages and currents are extremely dangerous.

Your AC repair Stafford experts test the circuits for any shorts. Air conditioning repair Fredericksburg also includes a full test of the system’s components. When the buzzing sound abates, the system is safe to use.


Don’t ignore a banging sound because it’s a serious issue. Our AC repair Fredericksburg team has found several problems in the past that are directly related to this sound, including:

  • Loose screws
  • Bent fan blades

Loose parts within the AC unit will only damage other areas. Shut off the system and contact Complete Heating & Cooling. We carefully inspect, remove and repair the damaged items.


Your AC system doesn’t just blow hot and cold air. It uses refrigerant as a resource to cool the incoming breezes. If you hear a hissing noise, refrigerant is probably leaking. Cracked hoses, worn valves and leaking coils are often the culprits of hissing sounds.

Our AC repair Spotsylvania team uses complex tools to find the leak. If it’s caught early on, the repair won’t be a major issue. Allow the leak to persist with the unit on, however, and you’ll have an expensive repair.


Ideally, you need all of your vents open in the house to avoid a whistling sound. This noise tells you that the system is operating under additional stress. It’s designed to push air through a calculated length of ducting. With the vents closed, a whistling sound emanates from those registers.

Follow our AC repair Fredericksburg team’s suggestions and open the vents. The system’s lifespan will be saved as a result of this change. You won’t hear the whistling noise either.

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When your AC system sounds like it has a rumbling stomach, there’s a refrigerant issue. This liquid expands and contracts as it converts hot air into cool air. Ideally, the system shouldn’t have any sounds coming from the refrigerant.

Our AC repair Fredericksburg experts know that this noise usually indicates low refrigerant. The system requires a recharge by Complete Heating & Cooling. Although this noise isn’t anything to worry about at first, it shouldn’t be neglected over long periods. The system’s components must work harder than before. This reality may wear out parts that can be expensive.


Our team at AC repair Fredericksburg knows that a clicking noise can mean any number of things. These parts might be in the process of failing, including:

  • Switches
  • Capacitors
  • Contactors

Our AC repair Fredericksburg experts typically troubleshoot an entire system in order to find one or more clicking noises. Failing parts and electrical problems are the result of these sounds. Catching them as early as possible is the key to an inexpensive repair.

Contact Complete Heating & Cooling today at 540-370-4178. Our dedicated team can evaluate your system, create a precise quote and complete the job. Air conditioning repair Fredericksburg is our pride and joy. Allow us to make your home as comfortable as possible.