10 Ways To Cut Costs and Stay Warm in Your Home This Winter

complete heating and cooling socks in front of fire

The winter winds in Northern Virginia chill you to the bone. Thankfully, you have an HVAC system that keeps you comfortable. Unfortunately, there are times when the electric goes out, the gas service is not working, or there are mechanical issues that shut down your source of warmth. What can you do when the heat inside doesn’t seem to combat the cold outside? Well, here are some tips to keep you warm when your unit is not working, or the power is out.

1. Seal Off Any Drafts

Drafts are the most significant source of lost energy. While older homes tend to be the biggest culprit, it can also happen in newer homes too. Common drafty areas include:

  • Outlets
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Basements
  • Foundational Cracks

Start by sealing off any areas that are pouring in cold air. If you are not using a room, close it off and shut the door. You can save time and money by not heating wasted space. You can find outlet covers for your receptacles, window coverings and keep the basement door closed. Seal any cracks by doors and windows with caulking.

Additionally, use a draft stop around doors with air coming through the bottom. These things can help you to drastically reduce energy costs and improve the temperatures in your home. Even if you don’t need Heat repair in Fredericksburg, you can still benefit from these maintenance tips.

woman opening curtains

2. Use Nature’s Power

Insulated curtains are a great way to keep the cold air at bay. However, during the day when the sun is shining bright, open the curtains up and let the rays penetrate the home. Even though it’s winter in Virginia, the sun can still help to bring some warmth into your abode.

3. Upgrade Your Windows

As experts in heating repair in Fredericksburg, we tell our customers that having a great heating system is only one step in keeping your home warm. You must also look at other factors. Do you have old aluminum or wooden windows that are single pain and leaking air? It may be time to upgrade those windows and save. Does it make sense to turn the thermostat up to 75 degrees when the air is pouring outside? It only makes good financial sense to upgrade the windows to conserve on energy and keep you warm. Double or triple pane windows are the best.

4. Use a Fireplace

If you are blessed to have a fireplace, either wood burning or gas, then you should utilize it. While you are waiting for heat repair in Fredericksburg, you can crank up the fire. A wood-burning stove is an excellent backup source for heat. It can make all the difference when the temperatures dip below freezing. The ambient glow will help your mood too.

5. Turn on a Space Heater

Obviously, being an expert in heat repair in Fredericksburg comes with a great deal of knowledge. We have seen many people turn to space heaters when their system is not working or to supplement their heat. While it’s a good option, you should be advised that space heaters can be very dangerous. The best kind to use is those that turn off when they tip or get to close to something. Kerosene heaters are not good for your lungs and can be expensive to operate, but it’s a good choice in the short term.

white candle burning

6. Burn Candles

Candles make the house smell amazing, but did you know that flickering flame can add some warmth too. While you are not going to get as much heat from a candle as you would a fireplace, it can help when nothing else can. Huddle together in a room with others in your family and light candles. When you need heat repair in Fredericksburg, it’s one option that you can use with ease.

7. Upgrade Your Insulation

You won’t have time to add insulation while you are waiting for heat repair in Fredericksburg, but you can think about this addition for the future. If you have cold spots in your house or cannot seem to get warm enough, then it may be less about your system and more about the lack of insulation. Many older homes don’t have any insulation in the walls, and some homes have poor quality and not up to code.

Insulation can be blow in, and you won’t need to remove drywall and have a huge mess. There are professional companies in the area that can work alongside our service for heating repair in Fredericksburg. They can help you achieve the level of comfort you desire.

8. Pile on The Layers

You can save money on your heating costs by adding layers. Turn down the thermostat, and add additional clothing. You lose a great deal of warmth through your head and feet, so covering them is a good start. Keep lots of throws and blankets around to ensure that you can snuggle up in the evening. If you are waiting for heat repair in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, or the surrounding areas, layering up is a great option.

9. Use Heated Mattress Pads and Electric Blankets

There’s nothing better than a toasty warm bed. Turning on the heated bedding at night means you can turn down the thermostat. Plus, if you are waiting for heat repair in Fredericksburg, then you can hang out under the sheets till it’s fixed. These devices use very little electricity and provide superior comfort.

10. Turn on The Oven and Cook

Have you ever noticed that your stove naturally heats up the kitchen? Because of the excess heat, many people avoid baking in the summer. While it’s dangerous to turn on your stove and open the door to heat a room, you can cook something, and allow the heat to radiate. Our team will be there soon to help you with your heating repair needs, but in the meantime, a nice meal may help warm you up on the inside and out.

It’s best to have your system checked in the spring and fall. The northern part of Virginia gets some harsh weather that has dangerous temperatures. Thankfully, we take heat repair in Fredericksburg seriously, and we offer 24-hour emergency service. If you would like your system inspected before the winter winds start blowing, call us today!